We propose you a walk through history

The stones of our town speak of memories from the past.

In this walk you will visit the most outstanding places for its cultural, historical or picturesque interest.

Beautiful stones that reflect our footprints in time.

On the map there are marked most of the featured places

Follow the order of the route, or get lost.

You can walk through the route or drive to the farthest points.

Stones will speak to you and you will be able to hear them with your phone.

At the points of interest you will find QR code that will take you to a web page. In it a video and a text with images will tell you the story that lies behind.

What is a QR or Bidi code?

It is a graphic that you can read with a code reader on your phone that directs you to web addresses, contacts, etc.

Where can I get a code reader?

At the Play Store or Apple Store from your phone, look for a QR reader. Install the application and direct the screen towards the code. The application will take you to the place of destination.

Pantano valmayor Introducción a la historia de Valdemorillo


Caño de San Juan. Ruta de la piedra, Valdemorillo

1. Caño de San Juan

2.San Juan Hermitage

Fábrica de harinas de Valdemorillo Ruta de la Piedra

3. Flour factory

4. Cemetery

4. Plaza de Doña Ana de Palacio

5. Plaza de Doña Ana

CUMVAL Cueva museo Ruta de la piedra Valdemorillo

6. Cave Museum

7. Old Porcelain Factory

Antiguas escuelas

8. Ancient Schools

Iglesia Monumental Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

9. Monumental Church

Calle balconcillos

10. Street Balconcillos

Fuente del caño Valdemorillo Ruta de la piedra

11. Fountain of the Spout

Town Hall

12.Town Hall

Escudos nobiliarios y dinteles antiguos

Shields and lintels

Chocolate Cave

13. Chocolate Cave

 Royal Inns

14. Royal Inns

Bodega Valdemorillo Ruta de la Piedra

15. Cellar

La Tenería

16. La Tenería

Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo

17. Anchovy dam

Las aguas Valdemorillo

18. The Waters

Plaza de toros

19. Bullring

Cruz del Cristo de la Sangre

Cross of the Christ of the Blood

Ermita de Valmayor

The Hermitage of Valmayor