3-Flour factory

From mill to flour factory

The existence of flour mills on the edges of the Aulencia`s river in the Valdemorillo´s limits was documented for first time in 1302.

At the end of the 19th century, a flour factory was installed in the village, which ended with the activity of these old mills.

The existence of flour mills on the margins of the Aulencia`s river in Valdemorillo´s term has been documented since 1302.

Although the building is relatively recent, there has always been a mill dedicated to flour in this place.  Firstly with traction "in blood” that it´s to say moved by animals.

Fábrica de harinas de Valdemorillo Ruta de la Piedra

Lights of 1898

At the end of XIX century, a flour factory was installed in the village which ended with activity of these old mills.

This former factory was known as Sociedad Electro Harinera in Valdemorillo owned by Mr Severiano Suja, who developed the activity distribution of power supply and flour factory for Navalagamella, Valdemorillo and Colmenar del Arroyo villages.

The installation of electricity in the building to ease the work at the plant and then got extended to the public streetlight in the nearby villages.

There are also documents that fact the existence of this factory owned by Mr Severiano Suja in 1919 as shown in Madrid’s Official Bulletin.

During The Civil War, the factory was bombed and destroyed due to its logistical interest. When The Civil War finished, Mr José Azañedo installed the undamaged machinery in an Aulencia’s river mill.

When Mr Severian Suja died, Mr José Azañedo Rodríguez (married to Mrs Sara Suja, Severiano’s daughter) took over the family business and got in charge of the new factory’s construction ordered to the Architect Mr Enrique Simonet.

Quite a unique building not only for its appearance and construction quality, but also for the machinery installed in it. This machinery was imported from Switzerland to “Sociedad Daverio”, giving as a final result an emblematic building with the latest and most innovating technology of its time.

During the difficulties lived in 50’s and the beginning of the economic recovery, Azañedo Suja family kept it running.

In 1963, and after an economic period of difficulties, the family sold the factory to the owners of “La Palentina” flour factory

Vistas desde el cementerio de Valdemorillo


After many years without activity and several reconstructions, the Factory is nowadays a restaurant situated on a privileged location dedicated to weddings and other events.

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