10-Balconcillos Street

"Los Balconcillos"

Let’s stop now on one of the most typical streets in town which reflects part of the most recent history of our town.

During the Civil War, Valdemorillo was in the Republican area. After the intense bombings in Brunete’s Battle, in July 1937; the village was totally destroyed.

Calle balconcillos
Calle balconcillos


At the end of the war, this street was rebuilt by the Devastated Regions Plan, following three models of rural house: two floors and a backyard.

This patio was generally used as a small orchard and to raise animals at the same time, it served up to subsist. You could enter to these houses through a gateway where you could certainly go through farm tools and even a small cart.

On the white façades you can see balconies, all the same and symmetrical, hence the street’s name.

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