10-Calle Balconillos (Street of Little Balconies)

The Little Balconies

Next, we come to a lovely little street that truly represents the town and its most recent history.

During the Civil War, Valdemorillo was in Republican territory, and in July 1937, following intense bombardment during the Battle of Brunete, the town lay in ruins.

Calle balconcillos
Calle balconcillos


Once the war was finally over, the Franco regime established the "Dirección General de Regiones Devastadas" (General Directorate of the Devastated Regions), a government body set up to repair and rebuild those areas that had suffered the most destruction during the war. As part of this initiative, the houses on this street were rebuilt according to three different designs, each with two floors and a rear patio. This patio was generally used as a place to grow fruit and vegetables or rear animals. Each house also had a gate, large enough to pass through with tools and even a small cart.

If you look at the white-washed façades of these houses, you will see many little balconies, all of them identical and symmetrical, thus giving the street its name, which in English means "The Street of Little Balconies".

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