11-The Fountain Spring

The Fountain Spring

Situated on Calle "La Fuente" (in Engish, 'Fountain Street'), this is the most important fountain in the town and has always been a popular place for locals to meet and catch up. It was originally built in 1888 but was renovated a number of times between 1906 and 1933.

The fountain provides a constant stream of drinking water and was one of the main water supplies for residents until a sewer system was finally laid down in the town in 1975.

In actual fact, many places in the town already had running water by this time. By the 1960s, the water network was already connected to the various fountains spread around the town, and many residents had taken advantage of these connections to bring a water supply into their homes. However, residents continued to use this fountain as a good excuse to catch up with friends and neighbours.

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