2-San Juan’s Hermitage

Valdemorillo had 7 Hermitages:San Juan, Santa Ana, Santísima Trinidad, Santa Lucía, Cristo de San Andrés, Cristo de la Sangre y Ntra. Sra de la Paz; which appear on its shield as seven silver stars. Of these, only two are preserved today.

One of them is San Juan’s Hermitage, on the street from which it takes its name, that was constructed on the ruins of a former building in the middle of XIX century. It was recently restored in 1998.

Ermita de San Juan Ruta de la Piedra de Valdemorillo

The Hermitage is a sober stone building, which interior conserves an old carving of San Juan and another more actual of the Virgin.

It emphasizes the beauty of the wooden coffered ceiling that, despite being of this century, it maintains the spirit of the original construction.

San Juan´s festivity

Since always next to this hermitage young people in town celebrate a party with bonfires and snacks at San Juan night.

This tradition has been recovered in the last years as the typical bonfire, performances, and something to invite the neighbours of the town to eat and drink.

San Juan Hermitage

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