19-Plaza de Toros (The Bull Ring)

Valdemorillo is well-known throughout the world of bullfighting, and the bullfighting season begins each year on the 3rd of February, with the town’s annual fiesta dedicated to Saint Blaise.

The season’s first bull runs and fights bring together the most famous established bullfighters and others, each hoping to triumph in this ring and one day reach Las Ventas, the biggest bullfighting ring in Spain. According to experts, “if you are fortunate and prove it in Valdemorillo, then you will surely be at at least one of the runs of San Isidro in the biggest ring in the world” (Varea, B. 1991, p. 76)

Plaza de toros

Years ago, these festivities were held in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with carts arranged to mark the ring. Before a bullfight, the bull is traditionally run through the streets before reaching the plaza, and fencing would be set up from the bridge known as the Puente de la Nava in order to direct the bull towards the ring.

In due course, the carts were replaced by specially designed numbered wooden stalls which could be taken down and reassembled year after year.

As more and more residents and visitors attended the events, the town finally made the decision to use portable rings on the outskirts of town.

Construction of the Plaza

Work began on the current bull ring in August 2002, and it was finally inaugurated just before the annual fiestas in 2003.

The structure was built out of prestressed concrete expressly sourced from the Basque Country and the ring enclosure was built using Valdemorillo refractory bricks.

On 4 February 2007, the bull ring was reinaugurated as the Plaza de Toros de la Candelaria, unveiling a modern roof so that bullfights could be held whatever the weather conditions.

The bull ring has capacity for 4,000 people.

Other Events

Outside the bullfight season, the bull ring hosts all manner of events, including summer festivals, concerts, film and other leisure and recreation activities.

Bullfighting Museum

The Valdemorillo bullfighting museum opened in 2007.
Here, you will find posters from bullfighting events in the town dating back to 1960 and other items related to the bullfighting tradition.

Free entry.
Telephone: (+34) 918 97 73 13

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