18. Las Aguas (The Waters)

The Waters

This public laundry was built at the beginning of the 20th century in 1914 when the tannery became too small.

Like its predecessor it features three stacks at different levels, the lower level to soap up clothes, the middle one to rub and soak, and on the top level soap was washed out to avoid the clothes to get dirty in the last rinse.

Las aguas Valdemorillo
Las aguas Valdemorillo

It has been active until the year 2000 and women themselves were who cleaned the algae that remained in the piles before beginning to wash. Now, with the lack of use, it gets covered quickly with vegetation.

Recently it has been rehabilitated, and the place is a heaven of freshness even on the hottest days where you can always enjoy a shade and the sound of water running.

The water is drinkable and it actually has a nice taste.

A little further down there is a granite water hole where cattlemen and shepherds came with their flocks and herds, to water the cattle with the leftover water pipes.

This pailon was located from 1900 to 1960 in Plaza del Cristo, one of the main squares in town, but since it was not considered hygienic that cattle were given water in the center of the town, the pailon was moved, first to another place, until being transferred in 1977 to this spot, where it still is.

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