18-‘Las Aguas’ (‘The Waters’)

"Las Aguas" (The Waters)

This spot on the outskirts of town has perfectly preserved its past rural charm.

This communal laundry was built in 1914 when the previous site, La Tenería, was deemed to be too small.

Similar to La Tenería, it has three pools on different levels. Clothes were lathered up in the lowest pool, then moved to the middle pool to be soaked and scrubbed. Finally, they were rinsed in the top pool where the water was cleanest.

Las aguas Valdemorillo
Las aguas Valdemorillo

The site was still available for use until the year 2000, and it was the women themselves who cleaned the algae growing in the pools before they started washing. Now that it is no longer used, it is common for plant life to quickly cover the water surface.

Recently, the site has been renovated and it is now a great place to cool off and relax on hot days, taking advantage of the shade and enjoying the sound of the running water.

The water is safe to drink and actually has quite a pleasant taste.

A little further down, there is a granite drinking trough where shepherds and ranchers used to bring their flocks and herds to drink.

From 1900 to 1960, this trough was actually originally located in the Plaza del Cristo, one of the main squares in the town. However, it was not considered hygienic to have livestock drinking in the middle of the town, so it was moved, first to another spot in the town and then here in 1977.

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