Valmayor Hermitage

Valmayor was an old village which belonged to Valdemorillo that, apparently, had an important population and was depopulated after the epidemic pestilence in 1600. In 1648 the village was considered depopulated and its church became a hermitage.

Legend says that the Virgin of Hope appeared to some shepherds, and asked them to build a chapel in her honour in this place, and this way is how the old parish appeared, today transformed into Valmayor’s Hermitage.

From the Hermitage the head and the old bulrush are preserved in good conditions. The rest is contemporary and has been recently restored.

It is located around a warehouse with a pointed arch and a masonry wall covered with gable roof and a large chapel with ribbed vaults.

The bulrush with its bell tower is situated at the feet, separated from the building by an open atrium. The cover is decorated with Elizabethan balls and it has a pointed arch.

The baroque interior altarpiece of the XVIII century has as protagonist the modern image of the Virgin of Hope, imitating the primitive one that disappeared in 1936.

Every year, in May, the Virgin is taken to the village, and on the first or second Sunday of June, a pilgrimage is organized to return her home

You can make a nice route through the countryside from the village to the hermitage, enjoying the views of the mountains and nature to culminate with the arrival at the Hermitage, in which surroundings we can enjoy a picnic in beautiful fields or approach Valmayor’s reservoir. We can do this route following the indications of a mobile phone application recently created by the Youth Department of Valdemorillo.

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