14-Royal Inns and Hunting

The proximity to the Royal Site and Monastery of El Escorial, has favoured the presence of illustrious figures in Valdemorillo.

There are news that on February 2nd in 1575, part of the retinue that transported the mortal remains of the emperor Carlos V to El Escorial, spent the night in Valdemorillo.

The importance of these events could have given place to the fact that, on this date, February 3th, the Patron Saint Festivities are commemorated.

Between the royal visits, also stands out the room given in 1598 to the Prince and Princess during the last trip of Felipe II to El Escorial.

Muro Antigua posada Valdemorillo Ruta de la Piedra


In the old itinerary of 1570 is indicated the existence of two inns in the old road, that connected Toledo with Segovia and they were located in the slopes of the mountain, now occupied by the residential area Pino Alto.


The proximity of “Cazadero Real” created around the royal site of the Escorial, made Valdemorillo be included in the zone in which the hunting was prohibited, to preserve the animals from that hunting place. Nowadays you can still see some of the landmarks that pointed out the preserved zone.

These ordinances greatly affected the agriculture of the town, and, especially, the vineyards, as can be seen in the memorials and reports presented by Valdemorillo’s residents.

Introducción a la historia de Valdemorillo

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