6-CUMVAL. Cave Museum

Cave Museum

This beautiful cellar was built in the 16th century using granite blocks and was used as a cool place to store kaolinite, the white clay used to manufacture crockery at the nearby Falcó ceramics factory.

Having been abandoned when the factory closed, the cave has recently been restored by an employment workshop for women builders, funded by the town hall and the state employment service (INEM).

Rehabilitación CUMVAL Cueva museo Ruta de la piedra Valdemorillo

The cellar was reopened in 2007, and today, it is home to the Museo de Cerámica y Vidrio de Valdemorillo (Valdemorillo Ceramics and Glass Museum), a unique museum in the Community of Madrid.

Here, you will find more than 100 pieces of porcelain, fine china and glass, all manufactured at the old ceramics factory during the 19th and 20th centuries. There are also fragments of Roman pottery (terra sigillata) that tell us more about ancient ceramic traditions, electrical insulating materials, fine china plates and jugs, royal crockery produced for Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII, laboratory porcelain and even the first fire-resistant glass to be produced in Spain. The factory was truly a pioneering manufacturer in many fields and fully deserving of its numerous prizes.

Visiting hours

It is possible to visit the museum for free by booking an appointment. Simply send an e-mail to cultura@aytovaldemorillo.com  or call (+34) 91 897 76 15.

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CUMVAL Cueva museo Ruta de la piedra Valdemorillo

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