17-Presa del Boquerón (The Boquerón Dam)

Presa del Boquerón (The Boquerón Dam)

It is unknown exactly how old this dam is, but it is certainly a lovely and peaceful spot just outside of town where you will feel as though you've travelled back in time.

Alongside the way towards the dam, you will pass the doorway of what is believed to have been another of the inns along the royal route. Then, turning to the left past a farm, you will reach the stone structure that is presa del boquerón (The Boquerón Dam).

Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo
Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo

The dam was built on the stream known as the Arroyo de la Nava to calm the waters and provide water for nearby allotments during dry periods.

These stones now let the water flow through, allowing aquatic plant life to flourish and creating a lovely, relaxing place to rest.

Here, you can find Montia fontana, also known as Water Chickweed, which is an edible aquatic plant used in salads. It can only be eaten before it flowers, so its collection period is very short.

Climbing the stones up the side of the dam, you will reach a tree where a small pool has formed. Sitting on the flat stones here, you have the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the stillness and sounds of the countryside.

From this hill, you also have one of the best views of the town.

During this brief escape from the town, you will probably be joined by some of the sheep and goats grazing in neighbouring farms for an even more rural experience.

This is a truly peaceful oasis just 5 minutes from the town centre.

Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo

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