17-Boquerón dam

Boquerón dam

Its antiquity is unknown, but it is a bucolic place that invites you to a very pleasant excursion a few meters off the town, transporting us to the past.

Bordering the road we approach to the cover of what it is believed to be one of the inns of the Royal route, and turning to the left, bordering the farm through the path we arrive at the stones that conform the Boquerón dam.

Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo
Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo

The dam was built to hold La Nava stream and provide water for the neighbouring orchards during dry season.

The stones now let the water flow where aquatic plants grow, to form a beautiful place.

There you can find "corujo" or "boruja", according to the places, which is an edible aquatic plant very appreciated for its salty taste, which can only be consumed before it blooms, so its collection period is very brief.

If we climb the stones by the hillside we arrive at a tree where a small pond is formed and sitting on the flat stones we have a small beach where you can rest, appreciating the stillness and the sounds of the countryside.

From that hill we also have some of the best views of the village.

It is frequent that along the walk, sheep and goats from neighbouring farms come along with us, giving an even more rural flavour to this short break.

It is such an oasis, at only 5 minutes from the centre of the village.

Presa del boquerón - Ruta de la Piedra - Valdemorillo

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