6-CUMVAL. Cave Museum

Beautiful vault built in granite ashlars in the 16th century as a refrigerator, served as a kaolin rot, the white clay used for the manufacture of earthenware in the nearby factory of Juan Falcó.

7-Old Porcelain Factory

The factory, by Juan Falcó, also called Aulencia`s Society, founded in 1845, produced pieces of fine earthenware, with great quality design, obtaining national and international awards.

8-Ancient Schools

Popularly known as the H by the shape of its plan, its construction dates from the post-war period and belongs to the plan of reconstruction of devastated regions.

11-Fountain “El caño”

Fuente Del Caño is the most important source of the town, for this reason has always been a meeting point for the neighbours. It was built in 1888 and rebuilt several times (1906-1933).

12-Town Hall

Located in the Plaza de la Constitución, it has witnessed many pages of the history of the town. Renovated in 2010, but respecting its traditional character in mortar and stone, it consists of 4 floors and an inner courtyard.

Shields and lintels

Jambs, lintels and heraldic shields are conserved like vestiges of the nobles who inhabited our town and testimony of the boom that lived the locality in this time.

13-Chocolate Cave

Old Refrigerator or ice pit from the XVI-XVII century is built with a vault of granite ashlar with a half-point arch. It was subsequently used as a cocoa store for the Chocolate Factory of the Suja family that was active until the middle of the SXX.

16-La tenería

The tannery was originally used to tan skins, hence its name. Later due to the unpleasant smell of that activity, so close to the village became a public laundry.

17-Boquerón dam

Its antiquity is unknown, but it is a bucolic place that invites you to a very pleasant excursion a few meters off the town, transporting us to the past.


Valdemorillo is one of the references in the world of the bulls where begins the taurine season with the first bullfighting bulls and bullfights of Spain.

Valmayor Hermitage

Valmayor Hermitage is conserved the head and the old bulrush in good condition. The rest is contemporary and has been recently restored