Credits and thanks

In order to elaborate this project we have counted on the collaboration of numerous people.


  •  José Hipólito (El churro) thanks for his willingness and inexhaustible knowledge and anecdotes of our people.
  • Antonio Laborda an official historian of our town to review the contents and add their appreciations to be as faithful as possible to reality.
  • Pilar Zafra, Pámela Sprátz, Mar Alonso, Sonia Conde y Clara Ortega

English locutions and translations:  Ana Barrera



Our thanks for the permission of the Camerata Antonio Soler and the Director Gustavo Sánchez to use his recording of the Symphonies of Gaetano Brunetti, artist of the court of Carlos III whose music has served as musical background of all our videos because it is the music that was heard in the moments of maximum historical splendor of Valdemorillo.

Audio recording

Raúl Bustillo, Estudio Goya

Web design, Graphic design, Video recording and editing, Locutions:

Clara Ortega,