5-Doña Ana de Palacio square

Doña Ana de Palacio square

It is one of the most charming squares in town, an emblematic corner for its mountainous architecture in stone.

As a curiosity, the most stunning cottage of this square was once used as the operation’s centre of the Republic People's Army during the Civil War.

Heraldic shields

Turning to the left from this house, there is an enclosed courtyard with several houses. On the lintel at gate 17, we find one of the three heraldic shields with more historical interest of Valdemorillo.

This shield, which belonged to one of the main families of the town dates from the sixteenth century.

Also highlights the gateway to an ancient, beautiful corral which dates from the eighteenth century.

The fountain in the center of the square dates back to the 1940s and was the first one to have running water in the village pipelines.

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