20-Cruz del Cristo de la sangre (Cross of the Bleeding Christ)

Cruz del Cristo de la sangre (Cross of the Bleeding Christ)

This granite cross is located at a high point on the outskirts of Valdemorillo, at a crossroads, as tradition dictates.

It sits on the site of the old hermitage of the Bleeding Christ. There are no remains of the hermitage today, but there are some fantastic views of the town.

The cross is an excellent starting point for a number of great hiking or cycling routes, where you will be able to enjoy nature and the peace of the countryside to their fullest.

These include the route towards the stream known as the Arroyo de Fuentevieja, crossing the private estate of "Valquemado", one of the oldest royal hunting grounds. There is also a route that crosses the Dehesa de Valdemorillo (Meadow of Valdemorillo), where you can enjoy the untouched oak forests. Both walks are highly recommended.

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